Robotized Ultrasonography is a new concept and results from the migration of Research & Development in Space Medecine (UMPS - Professor Philippe Arbeille) aiming to provide better sonography examinations of isolated patients.

Today, robotized ultrasonography is part of telemedicine and allows from an expert center to handle ultrasound probe located where the patient is.

Interpretation of the examination results is performed by the expert in real-time.

Communication link between both sites can be performed using various technologies on the isolation or local communication possibilities connecting via a satellite, the internet, ISDN or other means.


Specific Features of an Echography Examination

Here are a few points to help better understand the use of robotized tele-echography:

  • The examination is carried out by an expert in real-time.
  • The probe is manipulated directly by the expert thousand of miles away from the patient center and get the exact views required. The probe can be rotated and angled very precisely.
  • The examination is said to be manipulator dependent as the analysis & expertise are conducted during the examination itself. The report cannot subsequently be changed.
  • Minimum bandwidth of 2 Mbps upstream and downstream


Video Presentation:

Below is a video presenting the use of MELODY robot in real life for a remote diagnostic examination.