Scientific References

As of June 12, 2017, MELODY Robot has been approved by the FDA | K161354

Robotized tele-echography has already been scientifically proven to be effective by clinical validations published in international journals.

The results have been extremely positive and show how reliable the technique is.

These studies show that there are over 90% concordance between a normal echography and one carried out with a robotized tele-echography system.

Furthermore, at the medical level, there was not a single false positive or false negative in any of these examinations, for which a time limit of 15 minutes was applied.


bibliographic references for tele-echography


A Few Historical Dates


Exploratory studies into space medicine entrusted to Professor Arbeille. He rapidly established the concept ofremote echography.


A team from Bourges Robotics IUT carried out a tele-echography at the summit of Shisha, Himalaya using the first prototype of the robot operated by Professor Arbeille 3,000 miles away from Bourges, France. 

1998 -2005 

During this period extensive research was carried out resulting in some new prototypes of the remote echography robot. Two patents were filed by the PRISME laboratory in Bourges, France.


Study commissioned by the ARH Centre Regional Hospital Trust and entrusted to Professor Ph. Arbeille to carry out remote echographies at the four regional hospitals, including Vendome Hospital and the Tours University Hospital, in order to confirm the technique worked in everyday usage. Dr. Eric Lefebvre took part in this study.


Robotized Tele-Echography nominated for the "Victoires de la Medecine".


Experiment conducted in Cyprus by the PRISME Laboratory and The University of Cyprus showing that it is possible to carry out a tele-echography in a moving medical van via satellite with the device being remotely operated from the hospital.


A large-scale experiment organized between Madrid and Afghanistan by satellite link as part of a partnership between the Spanish army and ESA (European Space Agency) took place.


The Cayenne Hospital and the CNES decided to install a MELODY tele-echography robot in French Guyana, so as to assess the technique before rolling it out throughout Guyana as a whole.


Full-scale international experiment as part of WORTEX 2012. This experiment was supported by various hospitals and universities from all around the world including France, Peru, The United States, Cyprus. The robots used in this experiment were supplied by AdEchoTech.  


ESA / The European Space Agency invested funds in research into robotized tele-echography working with AdEchoTech.


The robotized tele-echography system MELODY is brought to commercialization and to the market after all these years of research & development and scientific validation. 


June 12, 2017 | MELODY Robot received FDA approval