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Medical & Imagery Expert

  • The sonographer will conduct the patient's examination in "real time".
  • The expert controls at distance the ultrasound probe fixed at the end of the robot MELODY arm. 
  • Ultrasound images are relayed by the video-conference system.


  • Address the lack of specialists in remote areas
  • Offer quality exams and ensure repeat business
  • Solve medical professional turnover problems
  • No need to find and recruit specialists
  • Save transportation costs and time
  • Provide care at the community level
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Reduces the number of deaths due to diagnosis delays
  • Frees physicians in the field from the feeling of isolation and improves training
  • Promotes better access to medical care



Reference: MEL-E

The maneuvering and viewing platform was designed to make it easy for radiologists to learn. The "dummy probe", much like a standard abdominal ultrasound probe, is used to easily and quickly control the robot from a remote location.

The station includes a communication panel, a mini control panel, a dummy probe and the MELODY Software.




Reference: MEL-VE

The videoconferencing system is ideally suited to a real-time tele-ultrasound exam, offering simple operation and excellent communication between the patient and expert sites (HD image and highly sensitive microphones).